Let's face it, not every songwriter has a need to be in the limelight as a performer.  Many great careers have been achieved through the collection of royalty payments, although a songwriter never sets foot onstage.

The area of music publishing, song and sync licensing, and song placement is so misunderstood by so many songwriters.  It can indeed be confusing at first.

A great deal of revenue can be achieved by the songwriter by licensing his music to other artists.  We answer many of the questions ... what is song publishing, anyway? ... what's the difference between a mechanical royalty and a sync license? ... who is Harry Fox? ... what's the difference between ASCAP and BMI, and what are they anyway? ... what is this "song placement" to which we refer?

We simplify the process for you and answer all of these questions.

Another method of generating income from your songs is to get them "placed."  Song placement is the act of negotiating the use of your material (or a portion thereof) in motion pictures, television and radio shows, commercials, etc.  These can be quite lucrative and often pay recurring dividends.

Our network of professionals includes people who have a proven track record of song placement, which continue to generate income for songwriters.