road"Take it on the road," they said. What better way to expand your fan base, get to see exotic scenery, perform at iconic venues, and promote your product and brand? Sounds enticing, right?

But the reality is there's a ton of work involved to make a successful tour. And the work begins long before you ever set foot on a tour bus.

rvPARTYThe commonly-believed legend states that life on the road is one continuous party ... that may have been the case decades ago, but today is far from the truth. Touring is exhausting, challenging and a lot of hard work, but the payoff potential is huge. Our mission is to maximize that potential.

You have to first define your targeted areas, find venues, arrange bookings, coordinate tour scheduling and routing, conduct diligent market research, create budgets, line up sound & lighting, manage catering and meals, secure transportation, locate hotels, do daysheets, market the artist, promote the show, handle equipment and merch logistics, play the show, get paid and pay your team. Then on to the next city/venue.

Real Time Music Network works to coordinate all aspects of an artist's tour so the artist can maximize the return on his investment and preserve a little sanity in the process.  We have extensive experience in tour management and logistics on a regional, national or international scale.