It is an old adage for musicians that you're either in the alcohol business or the music business. For the working musician, traditionally music on the local level has been primarily in night clubs and bars, where their very survival relies on selling food and drink. The musicians who thrive in that atmosphere are essentially alcohol salesmen who push drinks and pander to the patrons' musical requests, often serving as mere background music for customers who divide their interests between the stage, drinking, and the ball game on the big flat-screen.

This poses a challenge for the independent artist who is trying to get established with his music. Bringing his original music into a bar scene often has disastrous and unfortunate consequences for all parties involved:  

  • Customers are not happy because they don't recognize the music and quickly lose interest;
  • Bar and night club owners are disgruntled because of unhappy customers and a low cash register count at the end of the night; and
  • The artist is discouraged because he feels he bared his soul and only received apathy in return.

A different approach is necessary.

You want to have your audience attend with your music as the primary focus for them being there. This can best be achieved by careful market branding of the independent music artist, and savvy promotion of his event.

Real Time Music Network pools its resources to make every one of your performances an event.  We perform the same logistical services as with our tour management service, with special emphasis on breaking you out as an artist using our promotion and marketing strategy.  We'll guide you through the process of promoting your own performances, where your audience is there to see you.


Logistics & Management

Coordinate tour/event planning, management and logistics on a local, regional, national or international level.

Artist Promotion & Marketing

Promote and market artist brandings and releases


Audio & Video Post Production

Provide world-class professional music mixing and mastering and video production editing