So you have an idea for a music video.  It could be a live performance, it could be a concept music video.  or maybe you've shot your footage and just need it professionally edited and packaged.

The first step is determining what you want to accomplish with your video.  Do you want to use it as a promo tool?  Do you want to release it on YouTube or Vimeo?

We can guide you through the entire process of producing a broadcast-ready video product, from conceptualizing and the logistics of getting it done.  We have a wealth of experienced resources to achieve the best you can give.

If you only need post-production services we can help there too.  There's much more involved than cutting from shot to shot.  Effects (subtle or extreme) will be added, consistent with the overall concept of the production.  Color balancing, audio-sync, titles, fades are all a part of the post production step.

The end result is a great representation of your music.  We will help you achieve that goal.