Once you have a song mix with which your a happy, the next step to getting it ready for public release is the mastering step.  Sadly, many musicians do not fully understand the critically important step of final mastering, and end up with a final release that sounds low in volume and tonally dull compared to other contemporary releases.

Mastering, that all-important step in the recording process, is where final equalization and compression are added to your mixes to give them the tight bass, sparkling highs, and gain which will put them on par with others.  This is a very precise science that is often misunderstood by many excellent recording engineers.  There is a category of specialists, mastering engineers, whose area of expertise is in driving a good recording into a great recording.

There are two main benefits to having a well-mastered product:  1) it enhances the quality of your release; and, 2) in the case of multiple tracks being released simultaneously (i.e., a CD release), it establishes a sonic consistency when changing from track to tracks.

Again, we have numerous mastering engineer resources available for final mastering and grooming of your tracks into a final product that will exceed the sound of many offerings on the streets today.