OK, so you've completed a home or small studio-based recording, or have shot footage for a slamming video.  The gear to get it done is easy to obtain and fairly easy to use.

What puts it over the top, into the realm of a polished, pro-sounding/looking or broadcast-worthy piece of media?

Post Production

We offer the services to put the punch and sparkle into your audio production, and the pop into your video.  On the audio end, we offer remix services.  We take your raw recorded tracks, and professionally remix them into a sonically pleasing landscape, consistent with the intent of the song.  You'll get a clean representation of your sonic offering.

After that you'll want to go to professional mastering, which can make or break a recording.  This is where we add appropriate amounts of equalization and compression to balance your great mix into a broadcast-worthy professional sounding production.

Video post production is similar, where clean editing and video effects are added to lift raw footage to the level of a professional product. 

We have numerous professional resources available to turn your audio or video package into a product that will turn some heads. 

Music Remixing Services

Music Mastering Services

Video Post-Production Services