headachesWe've been there. To break out as an independent artist, there aren't enough hours in a day. After worrying about rehearsals, bookings, agents, management, travel plans, crew coordination, marketing, promotion, merchandise, etc., how much time is left in the day to create your melodic masterpieces? Anyone who's done it knows that it's way more than a full time job for a single artist. For a musical group who divvies up responsibilities, it only serves to distract them from the real reason they're doing it in the first place.

It takes a dedicated team.

supherheroThat's where we come in. The Real Time Music Network is a true network of industry pros that will relieve you of the burdens of the business end of the music business. This opens you up to unlimited vistas of your creativity, and keeps you focused on what you do best.

We provide professional services to the music community, interfacing with independent artists and their management to ensure that your music will remain your main focus. We are not an artist management company, nor booking agents. We provide a la carte services to the artist. We will custom-tailor a package to suit your specific needs, without the need for long term contractual obligations.

Services we provide the artist:

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