Humble Beginnings

LT studio

Begun in 2013 in an effort to expose original independent music to a broad audience, the Real Time Music Network started out by offering a weekly internet radio call-in talk show.  We had a number of regular segments on the program, and usually had a feature segment of a musical artist as in-studio or call-in guest.

Host R. Lee Townsend started on-air, joined by producer, later on co-host, Bev Bonadio.  Because of the chemistry between R. Lee and Bev, listeners were treated to some great rapport, a la Burns & Allen.


In late 2015 Bev gave way to regular feature reporter and the godfather of Baltimore punk music, Stepoe T. Magnificent, who resumed co-host duties. 

After a time archived episodes were made available on our website, and as podcasts on iTunes.

From there we grew into offering playlists of our featured original music 24x7 streamed on our website and available on iTunes Radio. We amassed a global audience and rapidly garnered listeners from all over the planet.

Our passion is music, and its promotion.

We ceased the internet radio operation in early 2016 after some serious soul-searching as to how we could best serve independent music artists.  We will continue to offer occasional podcasts in the future.

But we have much more to offer.

Over the years our network has grown to a point where we can provide independent artists much more in the way of professional services.


We decided to adopt the philosophy that artists should devote their main attentions to doing what they do best, creating great music. We can help by relieving many of the day-to-day burdens of the music business with which independent artists have to deal, and have been hard at work behind the scenes during the period of time since the radio service ceased operations.

After defining the specialized skillsets we've obtained in the entertainment industry for the past forty-some years, we can put our experience and wisdom in helping up-and-coming musical artists achieve their goals.

We cater to independent artists and artist management companies.

Our specialties are in show and tour planning and production management, artist promotion and marketing services, post production audio and video services (mixing, mastering and editing), and song placement in commercial and creative ventures.

R. Lee Townsend

leeLee has been a recording and performing bassist for over forty years.  His resume includes playing with national, regional and local acts.  He has coordinated tours all over the country, and has planned and managed multi-act multi-day, multi-stage events. 

Lee is a certified Senior Audio Visual Design Engineer by trade, with thousands of hours of recording experience as a performer and engineer/producer.  He is equally at home on both sides of the glass.


robinRobin Bloomfield

Robin is the latest addition to our Real Time Music Network family.

Robin's experience includes working for the largest touring sound companies in the world, where she was instrumental in keeping things flowing smoothly for international touring acts.

From there she worked for major record labels in Baltimore and Nashville, using her promotion and marketing talents.

Robin's expertise includes event and show management, artist promotions, and artist marketing.

We make it hassle-free for music creators to do what they do best: create.